How should I care for my wildrag?

For the best result and to maintain the natural luster, it is recommended to dry clean only.  Hand wash only with mild detergent such as, Dawn dish soap. Do not use bleach. Do not place in dryer. Wrap in a dry towel and twist gently to remove excess water. Iron using the silk setting, or hang in the bathroom during a shower to remove wrinkles.

What's the difference between habotai and charmeuse?

Habotai is a lightweight silk, also known as China silk.  Charmeuse is a mid weight silk and comes in different weights.  Silk weight is measured by "momme" and you may see 12mm or 19mm listed in the description. Habotai is an 8 mm weight. The higher number denotes heavier weight.

What size should I get?

This depends on personal preference.  The most popular size we sell is 35 inch followed by 44 inch.  We also offer bandana sizes in 21 inch.

Can I get a custom size?

Yes, sizes can be made to your request if the fabric is in inventory. Size will be limited to width of fabric, for example, most fabrics are 45 inches wide so  the largest wildrag can only be 44 inches.  

How do I request a custom order?

Contact us with your request and we will send you details for custom orders. We will need your email address and shipping address.  You can also find more details on our custom order page.

How do I tie the buckaroo knot?

We will be happy to show you at a trade show!  Or check out the video on our Sandy Wild Rags Facebook Page.  There are several tutorials on YouTube as well.