Our History

A chance to gather cattle horseback on a bitterly cold day and borrowing a silk wild rag to keep warm, the interest for creating wild rags began. A lifelong love for all things western combined with a desire to create, the decision was made to offer my services to others. On January 26, 2012, the Facebook page titled Wild Rags by Sandy was created. The goal was to make quality silk wild rags with durable construction. 

The summer of 2015, there was interest in my silk scarves as awards for a ranch rodeo in Oklahoma. In addition, Oklahoma artisans were invited to display their products for the weekend and this began the process of establishing myself as a legal entity and Sandy Wild Rags became official on September 4, 2015. To maintain consistency, my Facebook page, Wild Rags by Sandy, changed names to Sandy Wild Rags. My mission? Create quality silk scarves available to all!

Custom orders, wedding parties, booth displays, awards, or just browse the inventory . . . contact us if you have requests!

Our Products

We choose to use 100% silk for most of our products. While you will occasionally find a silk blend, pure silk is better for a variety of reasons.

  • First of all, silk has a low density making it feel light and comfortable
  • Silk is a good insulator / warm in winter, cool in summer

  • It's the strongest natural fiber available

  • Have you noticed the natural shine a silk scarf has?

  • Silk has a good affinity to dye