First Blog Post

This is the first blog post for Sandy Wild Rags.  That's me in the photo, the one with the dark brown hair.  My friends are standing with me modeling some of the creations I've made with silk fabric.  

I never expected to find myself on the web with an e-commerce business but here I am.  My family and friends have supported me through this journey.  My sewing skills are being put to the test.  

I make silk wild rags and silk scarves.  Men don't wear scarves but they wear wild rags.  I love making wild rags!  If asked how many I've made, I'd have to say in the thousands. 

There is no storefront as I am a home based business working out of my garage and my home.  My sewing room is devoted to production, sales, pressing and packaging of wild rags.  

Recently, I started dyeing my own colors and hand painting my own designs.  Being creative and exploring new ideas with silk painting is exhilarating (and messy!)

Custom brand wild rags are popular requests.  These are an investment as I use a graphic designer and a digital printing company to create these one-of-a-kind creations.  This will be a great topic for another blog article later on.

Meeting new people at trade shows has been exciting and interesting.  Trade shows are hard work setting up and tearing down but the people make it fun!

What does the future hold for Sandy Wild Rags?  More sewing, creating, packaging, mailing, driving, painting, folding, pressing . . . just think of the commercial that says "We do more than just shipping"

Thanks for caring!


The End.

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