Creating a Custom Brand Wildrag


Often I receive requests for placing a customer's personal brand on a silk or polyester wildrag and I'm happy to say it can be done!  The basic process is simple but requires communication between the customer, myself and the graphic designer to prepare a final product.  This takes time, of course, but once a final design is reached, the printing process can begin.

With the help of my daughter who is a graphic designer, I create custom wild rags with brands in either silk or poly chiffon.  For rich and vibrant colors on both sides of the fabric, I recommend the poly chiffon.  I have found some colors on silk fabric cannot be printed, i.e. true black and deep red.  Dark silk prints also will have a white backside because the ink does not penetrate to the back of the fabric.  These silks must be hand washed gently or dry cleaned to retain color but the poly chiffon can be machine laundered and will retain color.  All wild rags are machine hemmed.  

The process takes 3-6 weeks AFTER design is approved and the job proposal is signed and returned.  Large orders can take longer. Colors, size of brand, and placement for your design are common questions that will be asked.  Even a photo or hand drawn idea helps us visualize your concept.  I send your custom idea to my graphic designer to create 3 versions or concepts of your design which is then emailed back to you for approval or suggestions for change.  This may take 1-2 weeks or longer depending upon changes suggested. Once the design is approved, it is then sent to a digital printing company to print the design, mailed back to me and finally sent to you.  Orders require 50% deposit when order is placed with the final payment due once your order is shipped to you. You will need to supply a shipping address and email contact.
A job proposal will be sent to you for review outlining the process, choice of fabric, price quote and what to expect.  Final payment is due after you receive your wild rag.  Payment is done through email via a link to PayPal.  
22" habotai or crepe de chine - $80 
22" 12 mm or 19 mm charmeuse - $100 
36" habotai or crepe de chine - $110 
36" 12 mm or 19 mm charmeuse - $124 
Poly Chiffon:
22" - $74
36" - $100
Shipping not included in price. Quantity discounts are available and must be 21+ to qualify for wholesale discount.
Visit the custom design collection on the webpage to view what others have ordered and be sure to see the options that were available to the customer.
You can also visit my Instagram or Facebook Page for photos showcasing what we have done.  Both can be located by searching for Sandy Wild Rags. 
I hope this helps give you an idea of the process!  A custom design makes an excellent gift idea.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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